Sources used to construct the Medical Education Continuum:

The Scottish Doctor 3

The Scottish Doctor Project is a collaboration between the five Scottish Medical Schools. It is steered by the Council of Deans' Curriculum sub-group. The remit is to promote high quality medical education in Scottish Medical Schools, and it does so by detailing outcomes for the knowledge required of Scottish doctors.

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The Foundation Programme Curriculum

The Foundation Programme Curriculum sets out the framework for educational progression that will support the first two years of professional development following graduation from medical school. Under the Curriculum, foundation doctors have to demonstrate that they are competent in a number of areas including communication and consultation skills, patient safety and team work as well as the more traditional elements of medical training. The document can be downloaded from the Foundation Programme website.

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The GMC's Good Medical Practice and Tomorrow's Doctors

Good Medical Practice describes what is expected of all doctors registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). It is split into four domains of care which must be displayed by a doctor in order to maintain their registration with the GMC. Tomorrow’s doctors outlines the knowledge, skills and behaviours that newly qualified medical graduates in the UK must demonstrate, as well as standards for teaching, learning and assessment. Tomorrow’s doctors was used as the baseline for construction of the continuum mapping project.

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