Formulate a plan for treatment, management and discharge.

Formulate a plan for treatment, management and discharge, according to established principles and best evidence, in partnership with the patient, their carers, and other health professionals as appropriate. Respond to patients’ concerns and preferences, obtain informed consent and respect the rights of patients to reach decisions with their doctor about their treatment and care and to refuse or limit treatment.

Scottish Doctor 3:

3.1 Learning outcomes for clinical skills (SD3)

3.4 Learning outcomes for patient management (SD3)

3.5 Learning outcomes for communication (SD3)

3.9 Learning outcomes for attitudes, ethical understanding and legal responsibilities (SD3) 


Foundation Programme:

2 Relationship and communication with patients (UK FP 2012)

2.1 Treats the patient as the centre of care within a consultation

2.2 Communication with patients

2.5 Consent

7 Good clinical care (UK FP 2012)

7.4 Diagnosis and clinical decision making

7.5 Undertakes regular patient review

10 Patients with long-term conditions (UK FP 2012)

10.1 Manages patients with long-term conditions

10.2 Supporting patient decision making

10.4 Discharge planning


Good Medical Practice: