Reflect, Learn and Teach Others

The graduate will be able to reflect, learn and teach others.


The graduate will be able to:


1. Acquire, assess, apply and integrate new knowledge, learn to adapt to changing circumstances and ensure that patients receive the highest level of professional care. 
2. Establish the foundations for lifelong learning and continuing professional development, including a professional development portfolio containing reflections, achievements and learning needs.
3. Continually and systematically reflect on practice and, whenever necessary, translate that reflection into action, using improvement techniques and audit appropriately – for example, by critically appraising the prescribing of others.
4. Manage time and prioritise tasks, and work autonomously when necessary and appropriate.
5. Recognise own personal and professional limits and seek help from colleagues and supervisors when necessary.
6. Function effectively as a mentor and teacher including contributing to the appraisal, assessment and review of colleagues, giving effective feedback, and taking advantage of opportunities to develop these skills.