The Medical Education Continuum Project is a piece of work undertaken by the Scottish Deans Medical Education Group in partnership with NHS Education Scotland, the Scottish Postgraduate Deanery and the five Scottish Medical Schools. The project has been undertaken in order to provide a clear structure of the continuum of medical education from the date of entry into medical school through to the fully registered medical practitioner. The structure is provided by linking four current documents which outline the curriculum for doctors in training at different stages, and providing a single portal where all documents can be accessed and the relationship between them made evident.


Using the four documents “Tomorrow’s Doctors” (the General Medical Council (GMC) guide to undergraduate medical education in the UK), “Good Medical Practice” (the GMC guide to standards for practicing doctors), the UK Foundation Programme Curriculum, and “The Scottish Doctor 3”, this website outlines the competencies and outcomes required of doctors from the undergraduate to postgraduate level. “Tomorrow’s Doctors” the curriculum for UK undergraduate medical education has been used as the pivot against which the other documents have been mapped.


Each document has been mapped to the desired outcomes of medical education as stated in the GMC “Tomorrow’s Doctors” document . Clicking on each “outcome” will show further detail and provide links to the relevant mapped sections of the other documents.