Apply population health principles.

The graduate will be able to apply to medical practice the principles, method and knowledge of population health and the improvement of health and healthcare.


The graduate will be able to:


  • 1. Discuss basic principles of health improvement, including the wider determinants of health, health inequalities, health risks and disease surveillance 
  • 2. Assess how health behaviours and outcomes are affected by the diversity of the patient population
  • 3. Describe measurement methods relevant to the improvement of clinical effectiveness and care 
  • 4. Discuss the principles underlying the development of health and health service policy, including issues relating to health economics and equity, and clinical guidelines 
  • 5. Explain and apply the basic principles of communicable disease control in hospital and community settings 
  • 6. Evaluate and apply epidemiological data in managing healthcare for the individual and the community 
  • 7. Recognise the role of environmental and occupational hazards in ill-health and discuss ways to mitigate their effects 
  • 8. Discuss the role of nutrition in health    
  • 9. Discuss the principles and application of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of disease 
  • 10. Discuss from a global perspective the determinants of health and disease and variations in healthcare delivery and medical practice